Letter of Reference for Gary Coles
We've had the distinct pleasure of working with Gary twice. We were quite happy with his efforts as our purchasing realtor for our primary Calgary residence in 2008, and we had no hesitation in calling him up again when the time came to sell that very same home in 2015.
If we had to be broadly categorized, I'd say my wife and I are well-organized and reasonably thorough in our research when making important decisions. We have fairly analytical mental models and thought preferences. One of Gary's principal strengths was in matching with our thought flows and decision-making patterns. He went to great lengths early on in our re-engagement with him (for the sale), to lay out appropriate time and effort estimates we needed to ready ourselves for. Our collective discussions around time and effort always considered market vagaries and local conditions (Sunalta and surrounds). We navigated away from emotion-driven decisions as a result, which could have been an easy trap to fall into given the highly speculative nature of real estate. He also maintained a communication style that was need-driven, and centered on the action items for all parties concerned... but all without turning our relationship into a "transaction". Far from it.
I never felt that Gary failed to "go to bat for us" when the time came to engage with buyer realtors. Also, his experience shone through when dealing with less-than-amenable condo boards and property management. I dealt with little (if any?) of the reams of information that are required for sale diligence. To me, that alone was worth engaging with Gary's experience in dealing with third parties.
Our personal circumstances, and a broadly weakening market in Q2/Q3 of 2015 forced us to come up with Plan A, Plan B and Plan C scenarios, ranging best case (immediate sale) and worst case scenarios (6-7 month listing) . We are happy that with a combination of Gary's experience and advise, his diligent follow-up, our flexibility in sale terms, and plain luck, our ideal Plan A materialized.
Would I call Gary again to buy or sell a non-suburban Calgary home? Absolutely.
PS: Redoing the baseboards did make a difference. I concede.


Gary was our diligent realtor who guided and helped us in the purchase of a new house.  We found him to be knowledgeable of the market & housing industry, attentive to our needs, and very conscientious through the whole procss of searching and purchasing the property.  We greatly appreciate his service, expertise and communication skills, and would be more than happy to rely on him in the future.  We highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great realtor.  Many thanks, Spiro and Celestina.



Gary's help was invaluable in our recent purchase of a Calgary condominium.  He not only found us what we wanted, needed and could afford, but piloted us through Alberta's contracts, property law and condominium documentation.  He also kept an eye on the sales process so the transaction was completed with a minimum of fuss on our end.  He followed up afterwards, dealing with the few niggling details that accompany a move.

With Thanks,

Lorne and Marianne



I have used Gary Coles as my realtor three times since 2007.  He helped me with the purchase of my first home.  He spent considerable time with me and was free with his extensive knowledge of the market and type of home I was looking for.  Most importantly, I remember he stronglyrecommended that we negotiate hard on the purchase price as he felt the market was going down soon.  He was right.  I am now married and have a child and used Gary to sell our home and find us another one more suited to our current needs.  The hard negotiating we did back in 2007 paid dividends when we sold our home this year.  Gary recommended some staging hints and a few low cost repairs to improve the presentation of the home that helped to sell it quickly.  His knowledge of home renovations and repairs was important as the roof of our home failed the property inspection.  The buyer had a roofing company provide a quote with an intent to adjust our agreed upon price.  Gary recommended that we reject the quote.  He used his contacts to have a rush quote from a qualified roofer that came in at 55% of the previous quote.  The selling price was negotiated based on that number and that allowed me to improve the selling price by several thousand dollars.


We were interested in trying to find property that did not feel so crowded and we love greenery.  Gary showed us many types of homes and communities and we ultimately selected Elbow Valley as our preference.  Gary was detailed in his approach to establishing a market value for the home we selected and worked dilligently on our behalf during the negotiations.  He helped us to understand the condo documents and how bareland condos work and went through the supplied documents in detail with us allowing us to be very comfortable with our decision.  I do not hesitate to recommend Gary for anyone looking for a qualified realtor.


N. L.



Dear Gary:


I just want to say a huge thank you for all the wonderful work you did in helping us find the condo.  I love living in it and Calgary is already proving to be a fantastic city.  All the best in the future and thanks again.