We've had the distinct pleasure of working with Gary twice. We were quite happy with his efforts as our purchasing realtor for our primary Calgary residence in 2008 and we had no hesitation in calling him up again when the time came to sell that very same home in 2015.

If we had to be broadly catergorized, I'd say my wife and I are well-organized and reasonably thorough in our research when making important decisions. We have fairly analytical mental models and thought preferences. One of Gary's principal strengths was in matching with our thought flows and decision-making patterns. He went to great lengths early on in our re-engagement with him (for the sale), to lay out appropriate time and effort estimates we needed to ready ourselves for. Our collective discussions around time and effort always considered market vagaries and local conditions (Sunalta and surrounds). We navigated away from emotion-driven decisions as a result, which could have been an easy trap to fall into given the highly speculative nature of real estate. He also maintained a communication style that was need-driven, and centered on the action items for all parties concerned...but without turning our relationship into a "transaction". Far from it.

I never felt that Gary failed to "go to bat for us" when the time came to engage with buyer realtors. Also, his experience shone through when dealing with less-than-amenable condo boards and property management. I dealt with little ((if any?) of the reams of information that are required for sale diligence. To me, that alone was worth engaging with Gary's experience in dealing with third parties.

Our personal circumstances and a broadly weakening market in Q2/Q3 of 2015 forced us to come up with Plan A, Plan B and Plan C scenarios, ranging best case (immediate sale) and worst case (6-7 month listing). We are happy that with a combination of Gary's experience and advise, his diligent follow-up, our flexibility in sale terms, and plain good luck, our ideal Plan A materialized.

Would I call Gary again to buy or sell a non-suburban Calgary home? Absolutely.

PS: Redoing the baseboards did make a difference. I concede.

A. U. and M. D.

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